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About Us

About Us

Since 1989, D-Ball has been assisting coaches and athletes in achieving their performance goals through a unique combination of products and training program development. Coaches in a variety of sports across the country are using our products to develop programs and applications to maximize training results from using D-Ball medicine balls and training equipment.

Over the years, we have seen the fitness industry adopt a large number of new products and methodologies, but we know that the best training solution is often the simplest. D-Ball medicine balls are developed from high quality materials and designed to last a lifetime. Our products condition and strengthen the entire kinetic chain, not just focusing on a single muscle group or body part. This ensures that your fitness level grows incrementally and steadily over time.


Forging Relationships: Mondo Polymers Technologies

Mondo Polymers is a company founded on superior customer service and quality products. Mondo Polymers has been handling all of D-Ball’s production since 2010 and purchased the company in 2015.

Company founders Mark and Judy Mondo originally started Mondo Polymers to help divert millions of pounds of polyethylene waste from the solid waste stream through a technically advanced recycling program. Today Mondo Polymer Technologies offers a range of professional, consultative services and processes designed to supplement private-label or toll-manufacturing clients.

Services are typically associated with turnkey manufacturing of products using in-house capabilities enhanced by continued capital investment, as well as troubleshooting, manufacturing engineering and optimization.