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For Beginners

Medicine ball training may be simple in practice, but the results are complex and affect all aspects of general fitness.

In general, most people train power with medicine balls by focusing on movement coordination and efficiency with the ballistic intent to move the medicine ball as fast as humanly possible. According to recent research, the force with which you can move the medicine ball at a given weight depends on your ability to recruit what have been termed high threshold motor units, muscle fibers with the ability to contract very fast and explosively. This is called neuromuscular efficiency and is effectively enhanced with explosive medicine ball training.

The most important aspect of training with medicine balls, as with any training program, is to ensure proper form and an integrated training regimen. Seek proper instruction from certified fitness professionals if you are new to medicine ball training as they can assist you in developing a training program focused on your desired fitness focus.

Note: Before undertaking any exercise program, it is important that you be cleared by your doctor for high level physical activity.