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D-Ball Users


Commercial and private gyms service a wide variety of clients that require a diverse array of equipment. D-Ball medicine balls are beneficial for anyone from the highest trained athlete to the newest member of the gym. Speed, coordination, stamina, and strength can all be trained at any level with D-Balls.

"Training as a team was the reason behind our motivation to do the Spartan Race. Fusion Fitness wanted to do something we haven't done before and wanted to get our members involved. We started out with only four people and quickly grew to twenty. Using the D-Ball medicine balls and Slugs to train was key for our preparation. We were able to simulate some of the obstacles which helped us prepare not only physically, but mentally as well. They would not have done this if it wasn't for the team training together, helping motivate and holding each other accountable. Completing the Spartan Race gave us a sense of accomplishment and has fueled us to do more races as a team."
- Jayson Pendell, Gym Owner