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D-Ball Users


Rehabilitating from an injury or surgery can be difficult if the proper equipment is not used to help prepare your body for everyday activities. D-Ball medicine balls can be incorporated into nearly any rehabilitation training regime. They help strengthen your muscles while enhancing motor skills and coordination across all planes of motion.

"I find your products to be pretty awesome. I first bought a 40 lb D-ball to use during rehab after elbow surgery to regain strength. I then got a 60, then an 80, then a 100, then a 125. I lift them like an Atlas Stone then press overhead. A few sets of 8-10 are intense. I also like to incline and decline press them. Holding that 125 over your face, squeezed between your hands is big motivation! I have a son playing center for his varsity high school football team. He has started the D-ball workout with me and his strength and stamina have improved tremendously. Our goal is to work up to a 300lbs, which I look forward to buying one pink!"