A Weight & Size For Everyone

With weights ranging from 1 pound to 300 pounds, D-Ball is one of the industry leaders when it comes to size & weight options when someone is shopping for a slam ball or medicine ball. Many of the balls we sell come in multiple colors, as well. The following products are just a few of the popular options we offer. To shop our full range of weights and sizes, click the button below. If you’re a school or other large organization, or if you’re placing a bulk order, click here for info on discounted & tax exempt ordering.

Army Combat Fitness Test

D-Ball has proudly supplied over 40,000 D-Balls to the U.S. Army for the standing power throw portion of the ACFT. During the standing power throw event, you are tested on your physical ability to toss a 10-pound medicine ball over your head, behind you, as far as possible and without crossing the throw line. The goal of the SPT is to achieve the greatest distance. Soldiers use specific physical techniques and strength to throw the weighted ball overhead and backward. This event provides an assessment of a soldier’s muscular explosive power for quick movements.

D-Ball Manufacturing by Mondo.  Since 1989, D-Ball has been manufacturing USA Made slam balls for various fitness applications including rehabilitation, strength training, cardio training and slam ball training for general conditioning. Our light weight balls start at only a ½ pound making them ideal for rotational training, shoulder joint rehabilitation, and medicine ball movements.

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